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How research aims to reduce mental disorders in children and adolescents: DZPG focuses on risk factors

Up to 20 percent of children and adolescents in Germany suffer from a mental disorder. However, not all children are equally at risk. At the German Center for Mental Health (DZPG), research is being conducted on many projects specifically for groups affected by risk factors aiming for earlier… >>

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Mental health is not just a private matter – DZPG holds employers responsible

The numbers are high – and they continue to rise: 15 percent of all absences from work in Germany are due to mental illness. This not only causes personal distress, but also enormous economic damage. Prof. Dr. Silvia Schneider, spokesperson for the Bochum-Marburg partner site of the German Center… >>

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Representative national dark field study launched to better protect children from abuse

The extent of sexualized violence against children and adolescents in Germany is not sufficiently known. Furthermore, the context of the crimes and the consequences of such early childhood abuse for those affected have not been thoroughly researched. In order to shed light on this dark field,… >>

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Cannabis Legalization requires Youth Protection and Research

German Center for Mental Health calls for closing the gap in drug policy - The German Center for Mental Health (DZPG) appeals to politicians not to disregard prevention and the protection of minors in the Bundestag's upcoming decision on the controlled distribution of cannabis. In order to… >>

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The Mental Health Research Compass is coming!

People living with mental disorders are invited to participate online nationwide. - For the first time in Germany, people with mental health problems and their relatives are collecting research topics that are of personal importance. On February 22, a three-week online dialogue will be launched on… >>

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Better together – Research for a healthy Mind

Since May 2023, experts at the German Center for Mental Health (DZPG) have been working to improve the mental health of the population and destigmatize mental disorders through collaborative research. At six locations in Germany, clinicians and researchers are working together with patients and… >>