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Occupational Psychology

Poverty, Social Exclusion and the Psyche

Ethics in Psychology and Psychiatry

Gender-specific Aspects of Mental Health

Health Literacy and Resilience

Basic Research
– Imaging
– Genomics
– Artificial Intelligence 
– Neuropsychology

Disease-related Information for Mental Disorders 
– Anxiety Disorders
– Bipolar Disorder
– Dementia
– Depression
– Mental Crisis
– Psychoses and Schizophrenia
– Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
– Sleep Disorders
– Addiction and Dependency Disorders
– Obsessive-compulsive Disorders

Culture- and Migration-related Mental Health

Participatory Research

Prevention, Early Detection, Early Treatment of Mental Disorders

Mental Health in Age (Geriatric Psychiatry)

Mental Health in Childhood and Adolescence

Social and Professional Participation

Therapy Research
– E-mental Health
– Brain Stimulation Procedures
– Pharmaceuticals
– Precision Medicine
– Psychosocial Interventions
– PPsychotherapy, incl. Augmented Psychotherapy

Environment/Climate and Psyche, One Mental Health

Urban Mental Health

Health Services Research