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DThe focus of research at the Munich-Augsburg site is on the early detection and early intervention of mental illnesses, with the initial aim of promoting cooperation with the future German Center for Child and Adolescent Health (DZKJ). Special attention will be paid to the role of early childhood and later trauma in the development of mental disorders and their early treatment.

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich coordinates the Munich-Augsburg partner site.

Site Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Peter Falkai
LMU Clinic
Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Nußbaumstraße 7
80336 Munich, Germany

Munich University Hospital (COORDINATION)


Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich


University of Augsburg, Augsburg District Hospital, Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics


Max Planck Society, represented by the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich


Helmholtz Center Munich - German Research Center for Environmental Health


Prof. Dr. Katja Bertsch

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Binder

Prof. Dr. Markus Bühner

Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx

Dr. Na Cai

Prof. Dr. Silvia Cappello

Dr. Alexander Coleman

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ehring

Prof. Dr. Peter Falkai

Prof. Dr. Jochen Gensichen

Dr. Ellen Greimel

Prof. Dr. Johannes Hamann

Prof. Dr. Alkomiet Hasan

Prof. Dr. Peter Henningsen

Dr. Sabine Hölter-Koch

Dr. Janine Knauer-Arloth

Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Koutsouleris

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Leucht

Dr. Birgit Linkohr

Dr. Kirsten Lochbühler

Prof. Dr. Frank Padberg

Prof. Dr. Annette Peters

Prof. Dr. Josef Priller

Prof. Dr. Valentin Riedl

Prof. Dr. Daniel Rueckert

Dr. Anna Sacher

Dr. Shima Safaiyan

Dr. Barbara Schormair

Prof. Dr. Gerd Schulte-Körne

Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Schulze

Prof. Dr. Fabian Theis

Prof. Dr. Elias Wagner

Prof. Dr. Juliane Winkelmann

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wurst

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