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As one of eight German Centers for Health Research, the DZPG aims to improve the mental health of the population and reduce the stigma associated with mental disorders. To achieve this, the scientists work closely together with experts from the field. These experts include people living with mental disorders, their families, and relatives, as well as international researchers.

Together, they are searching for new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental disorders. The DZPG aims to ensure that people can benefit from the results of this research as soon as possible.

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Latest News

EUROPEAN Addiction Research Award for Prof Dr Dr Andreas Heinz

Prof. Dr Dr Andreas Heinz, Chairman of the DZPG, will be honoured with the European Addiction Research Award 2024. >>


Germany's first transdisciplinary infant sleep center

What are the functions of sleep in early childhood and what influences it? Scientists from various disciplines have already investigated these questions repeatedly. Researchers at the DZPG partner site in Bochum-Marburg have now developed an interdisciplinary approach. This may become a driving… >>

Inside DZPG

Poster prizes and interdisciplinary cooperation: Highlights of the Bochum-Marburg partner site retreat

Exciting lectures, new contacts, and a common vision for the future: On April 25 and 26, around 60 DZPG researchers met in Bochum to discuss their work. At the first retreat of the DZPG Bochum-Marburg partner site, it became clear that the different perspectives on the topic of mental health can… >>


Mental Disorders - What they look like, how to prevent them

Mental crises, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or depression - here you will soon find information on these and other illnesses studied at the DZPG, as well as on the prevention of mental disorders.


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Network for Success

The DZPG offers optimal conditions for accelerating the transfer of research results into practice (translation) through close networking and the expansion of existing research structures. The DZPG brings together the expertise of 27 universities, university hospitals, and non-university research institutions at six sites in Germany in the form of long-term, equal partnerships. During the two-year start-up phase, research projects will be set up, infrastructures will be established and extensive measures for networking, promotion of young talent and patient participation will be initiated.

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