Translational Research


Translating research findings into new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic approaches for patients, their relatives, and the public is a central concern of the DZPG. Until now, this translation process has generally taken many years. The DZPG network therefore provides researchers with effective tools to speed up the translation of laboratory findings into practice. By centralizing activities at the sites and on a national level, the time between planning new studies and implementing prevention and treatment approaches should be significantly reduced. The DZPG brings together the relevant approval and transfer institutions to support researchers in the early phase of the development of drugs, psychotherapies, or medical devices.

Against this background, the retranslation of practical knowledge into research plays an equally important role. This is achieved through a dialogue with various stakeholders, including patients and their families, as well as healthcare professionals and cost centers. The overriding principle is to address all relevant target groups and translate their feedback into effective measures.