Moving Forward Together

DZPG Academy

The DZPG Academy is the central platform for further education and training, career and junior staff development and interdisciplinary networking. It is also involved in public relations work and publishes a podcast.

In the future, the DZPG Academy will offer a wide range of online-based information, training content, mentoring programs and career development modules. It bundles initiatives and gives scientists in early career phases (early career scientists) the opportunity to complete short-term lab visits in the entire network. In addition, the aim is to network various players within the DZPG and to promote expertise and exchange from different disciplines. The Academy is aimed at researchers, clinicians, patients, and their families. It is managed by an editorial and steering group and aims to expand its activities to different locations. In the start-up phase of the DZPG, work will focus on establishing the technical and content-related structures, with an emphasis on "early detection, treatment, and prevention".

The DZPG Academy is divided into the following areas:

  1. Educate: An online platform provides continuing education and training content in the field of "Early Detection, Treatment and Prevention" for scientists and clinicians as well as patients and their families. The didactic structure is provided by TIME - Tübingen Institute for Medical Education, which also develops mentoring programs and career development modules.

  2. Share: Bundled initiatives enable the exchange of expertise through webinars, lab rotations and short lab visits. For this purpose, a digital network will be established to support the exchange within the entire DZPG.

  3. Inform: An information channel, operated via a professional social media platform and campaigns, provides information about the Academy's offerings and the activities of the DZPG. A podcast format will be implemented in the first funding period.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Zipfel
Medical Director and Vice Dean Teaching
Medical University Hospital
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
Competence Center for Eating Disorders Tübingen (KOMET)
Osianderstraße 5
72076 Tübingen, Germany