The DZPG started its work on May 1, 2023. The central bodies are the Management Board, the Control Committee, the Board of Early Career Scientists (ECS-Board), the Central Trialogical Board and the international Scientific Advisory Board.

The head office is located in Berlin.

Management Board

The Management Board is the central decision-making body of the DZPG. It consists of 32 members who are delegated by the six partner sites, the ECS-Board and the Central Trialogical Board.

The current spokespersons of the Management Board are Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Heinz (Berlin-Potsdam partner site) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (Mannheim-Heidelberg-Ulm partner site).


Control Committee

The Management Board forms a Control Committee, which is responsible for monitoring the finances and progress of the project as well as any countermeasures. It consists of the six site spokespersons, two delegates from the Central Trialogical Board, two delegates from the Early Career Scientists (ECS-Board), and the head of the head office.


The Early Career Scientists (ECS) are scientists who are at the beginning of their professional careers working in partner institutions of the DZPG. The aim is to involve young scientists in decision-making processes at an early stage. Each site sends three delegates to the ECS-Board.

If you are a researcher at one of our partner institutions and would like to become a member of the ECS, please contact the respective site management.

The ECS represent the interests of scientists in early career phases in research projects, infrastructures, and the central committees of the DZPG. They also have voting rights in these committees. Within the DZPG, the ECS-Board implements efficient processes for internal communication and evaluation. Its members are committed to ensuring that support measures to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion as well as the establishment of family-friendly working conditions are designed in a target group-oriented and ambitious manner. Health promotion measures such as psychological counseling and support through mentoring programs are also planned. In addition, the ECS are involved in public relations and work within the DZPG Academy on offers for career development and further training.

The ECS-Board facilitates close networking between scientists and the initiation of joint projects through various event formats. They meet once a year at the ECS Congress, a scientific event organized by the ECS itself. Further network meetings and events take place at the individual partner sites. ECS PhD members can take advantage of various funding opportunities. These include laboratory visits, pilot project funding, and travel grants. The ECS are organized in local groups at the respective sites. The local ECS-Boards delegate members to the central ECS-Board, which operates across all partner sites.

Central Trialogical Board

Expertise remains incomplete without experience. For this reason, experts such as people with mental disorders and their relatives are actively involved in all phases of the research process and influence the decision-making bodies of the DZPG. The main committee for this purpose is the Central Trialogical Board. Each of the six local Trialogical Boards sends a maximum of six representatives (max. two affected persons, two relatives and two professionals) to the Central Trialogical Board, which therefore consists of a maximum of 36 people.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are internationally recognized experts in the field of mental health and advise the Management Board on the planning, execution, and implementation of the research program.

Prof. Anissa Abi-Dargham, Stony Brook, USA

Prof. Michaela Amering, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Prof. Ole Andreassen, Oslo, NORWAY

Prof. Claudia Bagni, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND

Prof. Dani Bassett, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Prof. André Brunoni, São Paulo, BRAZIL

Dr. Lucile Capuron, Bordeaux, FRANCE

Prof. David Clark, Oxford, UK

Prof. Fiammetta Cosci, Florence, ITALY

Prof. John F. Cryan, Cork, IRELAND

Prof. Helen Herrman, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Prof. Dr. Frauke Kreuter, Munich, GERMANY

Prof. John McGrath, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Prof. Solomon Rataemane, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA

Prof. Ulrike Schmidt, London, UK

Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke, London, UK

Univ. Prof. Dr. Johannes Wancata, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Prof. Daniel Weinberger, Baltimore, MD, USA

Prof. Allan Young, London, UK

Head Office

The head office of the DZPG is located in Berlin. It supports the work of the Management Board and the committees, is responsible for budget planning and controlling, coordinates internal and external communication, and is the central contact point for questions relating to the DZPG.

Dr. Gabriel Gerlinger – Head

M.A. Karen Wendland – Assistance

M.A. M.Sc. Maria Haun - Research assistant (Participation)

Hauptgeschäftsstelle des DZPG
Virchowweg 23 (Post: Charitéplatz 1)
10117 Berlin
+49 30 450 517261