Patients and their relatives can get involved in individual projects, even if they do not belong to any of the DZPG's participation committees.

KOMMIT: Collaborating for research that matters

For the first time in Germany, the KOMMIT project, in cooperation with the DZPG, is collecting the needs and priorities of people with mental health problems and their relatives for the research agenda. The first step will be a three-week online dialogue on the website, where people with mental disorders can contribute their issues. The results will be used in a multi-stage process to develop a Mental Health Research Compass. It will help scientists to tailor their research topics more closely to the needs of people living with mental health disorders. The project was initiated by patients and their relatives, who are organized in the "Central Trialogical Board" of the DZPG.

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KOMMIT project


BASTA ("Alliance for Mentally Ill People", in German “Bündnis für psychisch erkrankte Menschen”) has been running a successful anti-stigma project for more than 20 years, reaching about 70 school classes per year in Munich and Rosenheim alone. The project is designed for classes from the 9th grade and all types of schools. The participating classes meet two members of the organization: one who talks about his or her life with a mental disorder, accompanied by a therapist who moderates and provides technical support.

The intervention has received good feedback from teachers, students, professionals, and patients who have participated. A scientific evaluation will determine whether such a program is effective in reducing stigma and can contribute to improving knowledge about mental disorders. This will allow the program to be developed for other population groups in the future.

You will find specific information on participation opportunities here shortly.

Mental Disorders and Parenthood

The DZPG partner site Berlin-Potsdam is currently developing an app for parents with mental health problems, for whom parenthood is particularly challenging due to their own mental health problems. The content of the app is intended to help parents better cope with the challenges of parent-child interaction and to strengthen their mental health.

The research project brings together the perspectives of patients, relatives, professionals, and scientists. Together with experts in the field, we will work out what content is important, how parents should be addressed, and what the training should be called. As an expert in the field, you can be an active part of the development process and help ensure that the digital training is truly relevant and interesting for parents. Online events are held at regular intervals, during which we develop and test the content of the app.


If you would like to find out more about the project and/or are interested in participating as an experience expert, please contact:

Dr. Charlotte Rosenbach

Caroline Seiferth 

+49 30 838 51 258

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